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Texas business entities formed as a partnership operate as a cohesive fiduciary and managerial unit that work in cooperation to advance mutual and personal interests. Unfortunately, they are not immune to potential problems or disagreements, which gives rise to the need for incorporating dispute resolution techniques with a Dallas partnerships disputes attorney.

While litigation is sometimes unavoidable, actively managing issues before they reach unresolvable levels is critical to the continuity of business relationships and organizations in a satisfactory manner. Working with an experienced Dallas business attorney who understands preemptive measures can assure that the goals of you and your business partner are being met.

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Types of Partnership Disputes Our Dallas Business Attorneys Handle

We offer comprehensive partnership dispute resolution techniques that can be strategized for the kind of relationship you have, the industry in which you operate, and the existing agreements you have in place.

While our service offerings listed below aren’t exhaustive, we commonly handle the following types of disputes between business partners in Texas:

Our American and Korean business attorneys in Dallas have a proven history of providing amicable solutions while protecting your interests and mitigate your exposure to liability.

The team at Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC will review your existing agreements and financial records along with your professional account of the dispute to arrive at a solution that makes the most sense and offers the best result for you and your company. Schedule an initial consultation by calling (214) 206-4064 or sending us a request via our online contact form.

Avoiding a Partnership Dispute in Texas

Our Dallas partnerships disputes attorneys can help you prevent a catastrophe before it arises. While no plan is fool-proof, we employ advanced remediation and resolution techniques that seek to resolve your goals under consideration of Texas business laws and statutes.

When and where appropriate, we may recommend taking the following steps to avoid or manage partnership disputes, including:

There are multiple opportunities throughout the dispute prevention, management, and resolution process in which you can document and discuss disputes before they turn into unforgivable court actions involving partnership litigation.

You don’t have to wait for problems to escalate under your existing partnership agreement in Texas. Consider discussing the details of your partnership with a trusted Dallas partnership disputes attorney at Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC. Schedule an initial consultation by calling (214) 206-4064 or sending us a call-back request via our online contact form.

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