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All businesses will eventually need an attorney, whether because of a contract dispute, intellectual property, or creating non-disclosure and other agreements. When you retain a Dallas business law attorney, you create a life-long relationship with someone who knows your business well. Whether you are just starting and need help with business formation or have been in business for many years and might have to litigate an issue, a Dallas business lawyer helps protect your rights.

복잡하고 까다로운 파트너쉽 분쟁

파트너쉽 분쟁 (동업 분쟁)건은 저희가 다수의 케이스를 맡아 진행하였으며, 소송분야의 전문 변호사들로 팀을 구성함으로써 고객의 이익에 가장 충실하고 만족스러운 소송결과를 드리고 있습니다. 또한 변호사와의 직접 소통을 통해 의뢰인의 의견을 소송과정에 최대한 반영하고 있습니다.

A Dallas Business Law Attorney for All Your Business’s Legal Needs

When choosing a Dallas business law attorney, you need someone who can meet all of your business’s needs. Our firm handles everything a business would need, including:

Texas Business Formation

When choosing an entity for your business, you need to understand several factors, including how the Internal Revenue Service taxes each entity and how much protection each entity affords the business and you personally. For example, a corporation protects you from being personally sued, while a sole proprietor does not separate your personal assets from the business.

A business law attorney can explain the differences in the types of entities and then ensure that the state filing is done properly, including choosing the proper registered agent and filing the incorporation documents.

Additionally, the business law attorney will ensure that you have all the permits and licenses you need to open your doors. Various businesses need different types of licenses and permits, and sometimes they are many. Your business attorney will ensure that you do not forget any of them prior to opening your doors.

기업가들과 개인 사업자들은 세금, 파트너십 책임, 수익, 투자상품등을 포함하여 고려해야 할 여러가지 사항이 있습니다. 이설로펌은 상법 법률팀을 구성으로, 고객이 운영을 원하고자 하시는 법인의 형태와 전반적인 비즈니스와 관련하여 지켜야할 각종 법률을 이해하는데 도움을드립니다.

  • Sole proprietorships & Partnerships
  • C-Corporations and S-Corporations
  • Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs)
  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
  • Professional LLCs and LLPs
  • Hybrid Formation Models
  • Sales and Dissolutions


At Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC, you can retain the professional mastery of a Dallas attorney to assist you in drafting the following types of documents:

  • 주거 및 상업 구매 계약
  • 부동산 매매 계약
  • Employment Contracts
  • 비경쟁 및 비밀유지 계약
  • 장비와 기계 임대 계약
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • 파트너십 계약
  • 주주 간 계약
  • 비지니스 운영 계약

A business attorney can draft contracts to protect the business interests during the regular course of doing business with people. Because of today’s litigious society, you can no longer assume that people will do the right thing. A well-drafted contract clearly defines expectations as well as help other businesses and individuals keep their end of the deal with your business.

Because a well-drafted contract spells out the agreement, both parties know what each expects from each other. A business lawyer who drafts a contract also knows how to defend against a breach of the contract.

While you hope it never happens, sometimes, a business must litigate. Whether someone sues the business or the business sues a customer, vendor, or employee for breach of contract or another reason, it is bound to come up. When you have a Dallas business law attorney on retainer, you can take care of litigation and settlement negotiations right away.


We are here to protect your IP rights/ and assist you to take proactive steps against infringement. A good Dallas business lawyer also knows intellectual property law, so it can help you protect trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and the face of the business.

Fractional General Counsel

The above-listed items are some of the main things a business might need an attorney for. However, a business might need an attorney for many other reasons, including filing yearly reports, and making changes to incorporation documents. A Dallas business law attorney with experience in many areas of business law is one of the best investments a business can make.

Every Business Needs Legal Assistance at Some Point

A business law attorney can save a business more money in the long run than it costs to keep one on retainer. Drafting contracts so that they protect the business and choosing the correct entity for a business are two of the major factors in saving money. If you choose the wrong entity, you could end up paying a lot more in taxes, or someone could sue you personally.

Having contracts that protect a business is also a money-saver. If a non-attorney drafts a contract, that person could leave important clauses out of the contract, which allows others to take advantage of the business.

A business attorney can also advise you regarding compliance and risk management and other factors that might prevent lawsuits in the future.

Top-Rated Dallas Business Law Attorney Near You

Whether you are just starting a business or have been in business for many years, contact a top-rated Dallas business law attorney to protect your business interests. A top-notch business law lawyer will draft contracts that protect the business, choose the proper filing entity, and ensure that the yearly filings for the state are completed properly and on time.

The attorney could also serve as the business’s registered agent to accept filings from the state and other important documents and keep the state’s records updated. Contact us today to discuss your business’s legal needs.


Why do you need a business attorney?

Every business should have a business attorney, first and foremost, to protect the business by drafting contracts and terms of service documents when needed, handling settlement negotiations and litigation, and filing intellectual property documents, including business logos. A business attorney can also help protect trade secrets and handle state filing documents.

What does a business law attorney do?

A business law attorney handles all business matters for a company, including setting up a new business, obtaining the tax identification number, drafting contracts, and protecting the business against lawsuits.

Should you decide to merge or acquire another company to grow your company, a business lawyer can handle these types of transactions. Additionally, a business attorney can advise you on compliance and risk management.

What is legal counsel in business?

Legal counsel is your business attorney. A Dallas business attorney gives your business legal advice for certain business transactions and helps protect the business against contract and other business litigation.


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