Business Formations

Establishing a business requires more than filing a few forms. Entrepreneurs and owners have several considerations that they must take into account, including taxation, partnership responsibilities, drawing on earnings, and investment instruments.

A Dallas business attorney at The Law Office of Sul Lee PLLC can assist you in understanding your business formation options as well as defining the type of entity under which you wish to operate including:

If you want to ensure that your new business’ foundation is on solid footing, contact a Dallas business formations attorney at Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC by calling (214) 206-4064 or by submitting a request via our online contact form.

A Modern Approach to Law

Our firm is proud to share the insight and experience upon which the diverse legal team we draw upon. You can work with our American and Korean business lawyers in Dallas to effectively help you navigate the complexities of forming or dissolving a business.

We also take into consideration the unique challenges of managing international matters in tandem with federal and Texas law. In short, our legal team is here to offer practical advice and guidance that is critical to your success.

Comprehensive Dallas Business Dissolutions Law Firm Experience

Part of conducting business also means properly dissolving it when it is no longer active. There are several reasons for which a company may want to end, including retirement, disputes, and partnership divisions.

No matter what your circumstances are, you can work with a Dallas business dissolutions attorney at The Law Office of Sul Lee PLLC to ensure that you are compliant and performing essential tasks including:

Just because there is a ‘closed for business’ sign on the door does not mean that it’s official from a legal standpoint. Make sure that you are covering your legal exposure by properly dissolving your business. Doing so can save you stress, money, time, and heartache over the long-run time horizon.

Forming a business in Texas is a significant first step toward solidifying and forging new relationships, sources of revenue, and creating the right legal protections that make sense for your situation.

Hiring a Dallas business attorney that possesses critical industry and legal knowledge is going to make all the difference in terms of longevity and ease of conducting business. Plus, you are also forming a relationship with a licensed professional that can assist you in other business matters from the vantage point of experience with your organization.

You can schedule an initial consultation with a Dallas business formations attorney at Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC by calling (214) 206-4064 or sending us a request via our online contact form.

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