Securing Your Valuable Business Property

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While not a tangible asset, your intellectual property has significant value to your business. From initial filings to infringement lawsuits, skilled legal counsel can ensure that your creation remains protected.

At the Sul Lee Law Firm, we handle all aspects of patent, trade name and copyright filing and related litigation for businesses throughout Northwest Dallas. We have the skill and legal knowledge to assist companies of all sizes, including international corporations.

Aggressive Protection Of Your Intellectual Property

With the advent of social media in advertising, branding has never been more important and valuable. On behalf of Texas-based businesses, we conduct thorough trademark searches, file for trademarks and pursue litigation when infringements occur.

For business clients accustomed to Korean culture, American trademark law is complex and confusing. In many cases, presumptions exist that ownership of a trademark remains after a business is sold. With insight into Korean business practices and culture, Sul Lee advises them on the risks they face if a trademark infringement lawsuit arises.

Mechanical, automotive, medical device and cellphone accessory companies compose a large part of our technology patent acquisition practice. Regardless of your industry, we attend to every detail and take action against a competitor counterfeiting your valuable asset.

Call An Experienced Attorney For Help With Patents And Trademarks

If you discover a competitor infringing on your intellectual property, you may already be losing money. Protect your assets and future by contacting an experienced business lawyer. Contact the Sul Lee Law Firm by calling 214-509-6609 or contacting us online.