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At the Sul Lee Law Firm, we represent business owners throughout the United States and outside the country. Regardless of your industry and the complexity of a dispute that led to litigation, Sul Lee will provide individualized representation and customized strategies.

While negotiating helps in finding resolution faster, many partnership disputes, breach of fiduciary duty cases and other business conflicts require litigation. Regardless of how we resolve your problem, we maintain a focus on your best interests.

Firsthand Insight Into The Practices Of Korean Companies

Sul Lee serves as a valuable resource for partnerships between Texas and Korean businesses. She can educate you on the cultural differences in the workplace based on insight into the country's business practices.

Culture clashes can lead to courtroom litigation. Contract breaches are common in Korean-American business partnerships. In the United States, formal documents are considered finalized once signed. Contracts drafted in Korea serve as a starting point subject to adjustments over time. One side wants strict adherence while the other desires more flexibility.

Contact An Experienced Business Lawyer In Northwest Dallas

Whether you operate a sole proprietorship, partnership or multinational corporation, all types of business conflicts can arise. While you focus on growing and managing operations, we pursue resolution to your legal problems efficiently and cost-effectively.

As a fellow entrepreneur, Sul Lee is committed to pursuing a trial should negotiations fail. For help protecting your business interests, contact attorney the Sul Lee Law Firm. Call 214-509-6609 or fill out our online intake form.