Efficient Resolution Of Contract Disputes

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When one party in a contractual arrangement violates a legally enforceable agreement, you need a skilled business lawyer to resolve the dispute. At the Sul Lee Law Firm, we strive to mediate and arbitrate cases where one side violates a contract. If negotiations fail to find a resolution, we will take your business conflict to trial if that provides the best possible outcome.

Dedicated And Diligent Enforcement Of Contracts

Litigation is often necessary when one party fails to abide by the terms of a contract. In response to a breach, we fight to secure specific performance, cancellation of the agreement, compensation or punitive damages.

A significant part of our business law practice involving contract disputes involves representing Korean companies. The difference in law and culture between Texas and Korea requires an attorney with knowledge of both sides. Sul Lee represents her fellow Korean business owners prevent and resolve conflicts. She helps them understand the language of the contract and applicable laws.

Breach of contract matters can affect your bottom line and business reputation. Throughout the entire legal process, we involve you in every decision, including the choice between negotiation and litigation. The sooner you get an attorney involved, the sooner you can resolve legal problems and continue to do what you do best.

With a commitment to honesty and ethics, Sul Lee will earn your trust to protect your most valuable asset. Our founder will focus on your best interests and business success.

Take Control Of Your Business' Future

Proactively addressing contract breaches can make the difference finding a successful resolution. For help, send us an email or call the Dallas-based Sul Lee Law Firm at 214-509-6609.